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Learn everything you need to know about diversity in the workplace.

Full Stack Recruiter: Diversity Sourcing Strategies

Are you ready to learn everything you need to know about sourcing and recruitment?

First Part - Recruitment

The first part focuses entirely on sourcing strategies. You’ll learn new and creative ways to source and find great candidates, as well as how to uncover their contact details and approach them in a respectful and effective manner. And much more!


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1. Uncovering Diversity

Diversity Terms
Diversity and Inclusion Language
Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

2. Diversity Hiring

Diversity in the Workplace
The Three Basic Types of Diversity Hiring

3. How to Establish a Diverse Talent Pipeline

The Talent Pipeline
How to Build a Talent Pipeline
Ensuring Your Talent Pipeline Is Diverse

4. The D&I Strategy

Developing an Effective D&I Strategy
Elements of the D&I Strategy
Developing a D&I Policy
The Four Types of Diversity in the Workplace
Two Models for Workplace Diversity

5. SWOT Analysis in D&I

Build the Right Team of People
Conduct Brainstorming Sessions
Rank the Ideas
Create an Action Plan

6. The Diversity Talent Mapping Plan

The Importance of Designated Leadership
Diversity Hiring Practices Across the Board
How to Create a Diversity Talent Mapping Plan

7. Common D&I Challenges

Communication Issues
Diversity Fatigue
Not Taking D&I Seriously
Ill-Defined Strategies
Unconscious Biases
Lack of Participation

8. Hiring Strategies to Increase D&I

Building Your Culture for Diversity Hiring and Inclusion
A Comprehensive Plan for D&I in Hiring
Retaining Diverse Talent

9. Diversity Metrics and Frameworks

Measuring D&I
The Four Dimensions of Diversity
D&I Indicators

10. Measuring Hiring Practices

Steps to Achieve D&I Hiring
How to Apply Predictive Analytics in Recruitment
Ways to Use Predictive Analytics in Hiring

11. Diversity Recruitment Marketing Best Practices

What Is Recruitment Marketing
Assess the Effectiveness of the
Current Recruitment Process
Set the Right Goals
Employ Methods to Attract a Diverse Talent Pool
Use Data to Identify Your Biggest Roadblocks
Make Efforts to Eliminate Conscious or Unconscious Biases
Measure the Effectiveness of Your
Diversity Recruitment Initiatives
Realize That Recruitment Is Only the Beginning

12. How to Write Job Adverts with Diversity in Mind

Why Your Current Job Description
Criteria May Be Turning Away Diverse Talent
Tips for Writing Job Descriptions That
Attract a Diverse Talent Pool

13. General Rules for Job Descriptions

Humanize Your Ad
Be Clear About the Job Requirements
Highlight Company Culture
Don’t Go Too Short or Too Long
Write for Mobile
Don’t Recycle Job Descriptions
Target the Location
Share Your Values
Provide Contact Details and Recruiter’s Name

14. The Legal Side of Diverse Hiring

Legal Implications
Disparate Impacts
Federal Laws
Complexities of Diversity Hiring Law
Diversity Hiring Laws in Canada and India

15. Job Interviews

Interviewing Neurodivergent People
Gender Bias During Interviews
Interviewing Minority Candidates
Interviewing Non-Native Speakers

16. Cognitive Biases in the Workplace

Gender Bias
Ageism Bias
Name Bias
Beauty Bias
Halo Effect
Horns Effect
Confirmation Bias
Conformity Bias
Affinity Bias
Contrast Effect
Status Quo Bias
Anchoring Bias
Authority Bias
Overconfidence Bias
Perception Bias
Illusory Correlation
Affect Heuristic
Recency Bias
Idiosyncratic Rater Bias
Outgroup Homogeneity Bias

17. Getting Buy-in for Your D&I Efforts

How to Get Buy-In

18. Sourcing

Gender Diversity Sourcing
LGBT Sourcing
Sourcing Via Languages
Sourcing Personal Names
Sourcing by Ethnicity and Race
Organizational Searches
Image Searches
Disability Sourcing
Sourcing Veterans
Legal Concerns

19. Epilogue

Diversity and Inclusion Glossary
Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)
Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs)
Tribal Colleges & Universities (TCUs)
Sororities and Fraternities


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